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Mix Shows/Mixshows

We supply mixes (for mix shows) to radio stations.

What we offer:

  • Mixes for radio station mix shows (pre-recorded or live)
  • Clean versions of all songs (no obscenities)
  • Digital quality sound
  • Perfect 32 count blends
  • Any length in time
  • Intros/breaks timed for "talk overs" or station IDs
  • Top 40/Pop music mixes
  • Hip Hop/R&B/Reggae/Reggaeton mixes
  • Dance/House/Freestyle/Disco/Funk mixes
  • You choose the songs or let us!
  • Available for any radio station in the world
  • Weekly or monthly shipping

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is a "mix show" (mixshow)?

    When radio stations play music mixed together by a DJ (either pre-recorded or live), they usually refer to it as a "mix show". Generally, these mix shows are heard during rush hour commutes, lunchtime, nighttime and weekends and are usually found on commercial stations that play top 40, dance or hip hop music.

    A typical mix show might be a half hour to an hour long mix of non-stop music.

    Where does the music come from that make up these mixes?

    We subscribe to many different music services. The music we use to create these particular mixes comes mostly from "remix services". These remixes are made specifically for DJs that want an "intro" to mix into and a break (or outro) to mix out of. The final outcome of this is to assure clean 32 (or 64) count blends that have no words overlaying each other so the radio station jock can speak over it or drop in station plugs/IDs.

    As music/program director, may I pick and choose exactly how I want these mixes to be?

    Absolutely. We know there are other mix show providers that simply make copies of their master copy, then send those out to the stations. This isn't a bad thing, but it doesn't give you the option of picking and choosing what music you specifically want or how long each mix is for your mix show. We give you these options.

    Then again, you may simply want us to put together what we think would best fit your stations format or mix show flavor.

    Who will make these mixes?

    DJ Steve Spinelli. Steve has been a mix show DJ since 1987. In Boston alone, his mixes have been featured on radio stations such as 94.5 WZOU, Kiss 108 (The 8:56/9:56 Hot Mix), 91.5 WMFO and Star 93.7 (which aired Friday nights in 2000 as the "Star Sound Factory").

    Elsewhere in the USA (and around the world), his mixes have been heard on college to commercial radio stations as well as countless Internet radio shows.

    Please contact us for more information.

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