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Mobile DJs/Private Parties

Regardless of what music, gender, race, nationality, religion, theme or age group the event will be geared towards, we have a Disc Jockey for it. This is what makes us unique.

With many, many years of experience under our belt, we know that setting the proper mood of an event is very important to its final outcome. All our Disc Jockeys are natural entertainers. Energy is our middle name. We are totally involved in the fun - dancing, smiling and moving at all times.

We will do whatever it takes to please you. You tell us what to play. We take requests throughout the event, playing exactly what you and your guests want to hear. Rest assured, YOU ARE THE BOSS!

We can turn the volume up or down, pick up the pace or slow it down. Leave it in our hands or put it in yours - either way - your event will be a success. DJ Spinelli & Assoc. guarantees it!

We keep our customers for life. It's not uncommon for us to entertain at a couple's wedding, then do their baby's christening, communion, a spouse's birthday, their parents' anniversary or whatever. We stay with you all the way.

We're also proud to mention that almost 70% of our events are from referrals. Thanks to all of you responsible for this!

Our Professionalism

All the Disc Jockeys at DJ Spinelli & Assoc. are clean, neat and well-mannered professionals. Our entertainers come appropriately dressed to every event, including full tuxedos when specified. We here at DJ Spinelli & Assoc. conduct ourselves on a professional level at all times, meeting the client's every need. From our staff to our dedication to you, our attitude shines.

We're Always On The Job

Unlike a band, we don't require breaks. We play straight through the entire function, so that the momentum never dies.

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