One of the most commonly asked questions we hear is "What do you have for music"? Well, we could say "A little bit of everything". Of course, naming all those songs would take forever. So, we've put together some lists of our most requested songs that people have asked for throughout the years (plus a few others we've added that you may have forgotten about) to give you an idea of what music you might like to hear at your wedding or party/function/event.

If there is a song you want and it's not on a list, please let us know and we will get it. These lists will be updated from time to time as we scan our collection for older albums/compilations/greatest hits as well as new music that continues to come out.

  • Dinner
    (Easy Listening/Slow/Love)

  • Party Favorites
    (Swing/Jazz/Blues/Country/Line Dance/Folk/Classical/Opera/Fox Trot/Waltz/Polka/Cha Cha/Lindy/Jitterbug/Jive/Big Band/Motown/Oldies/Rhythm & Blues/Rock 'N' Roll/Classic Rock/Pop Rock/Alternative/Modern Rock/Heavy Metal)

  • Classic Soul & R&B
    (Funk/70s Disco/80s & 90s Dance/80s & 90s House/Chicago House/New York House/Acid House/Hip House/Euro House/Italo House)

  • Newer Dance Music
    (Progressive House/Vocal House/Disco House/Trance)

  • Urban
    (Rap/Hip Hop/Reggae)

  • Freestyle
    (Electro/Breakbeat/Miami Bass)

  • Caribbean
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